What Do You Need in a Website?

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Have you thought about getting a website but don’t know where to begin or who you can ask?

WebTO™ is a Toronto web development company that can help you decide what you want and take you from ideas to implementation. But what makes us different is that we listen to you for what you need. To get you started, here are some ideas on how to brainstorm your website and prepare for a free consultation with us to discuss your ideas.

While we can certainly build you a site that we think you’ll love, we’re more than happy to take the time to sit down with you and talk things through. Tell us what you need, and we’ll tell you how we’re going to do it. From social media marketing to search engine optimization, it can be a huge task to get your business noticed online, but we’re here to help.

When starting to plan your website, the best way to start is to look at what your competitors are doing. Google the keywords that you want to appear under, and see what comes up. Look through the websites in the first couple pages of results and start taking notes on features or offers that strike you as something you would spend money on – after all, that’s what makes customers choose you.

Now make a list of things that you do differently from your competitors – what makes you unique? Why have your existing customers chosen you up until now? Friendly service? Clever t-shirts? Coupon offers and blowout sales? Think about something you can use to stand out. Together we can capitalize on your identity and propel your business forward with the right focus.

Finally, think about aesthetics. What is the current branding of your business? If you have business cards, logos, pamphlets, signs, letterhead, or an existing website, bring it to our first meeting so we can be consistent with the face that your customers are already familiar with. Small businesses in Toronto are all about making connections with customers. If they feel connected to you, they’ll come back in for their next appointment instead of going to Suzie Similar’s down the street.

Making a website for your GTA business doesn’t need to be difficult – choose WebTO™ for your online presence and web branding. We’ll make your business the best it can be – starting with where you’ve already gotten.



WebTO™ is a Toronto Website Development Company founded by Andrew King and Chris Fillmore. For a free consultation or more information about getting your small business set up with the best website for you, contact us today!

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